Dec 19

8 Steps to Easy, Fast, and a Low-Cost CMMI Implementation

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The common complaints I hear from companies who are interesting in implementing the CMMI and obtaining a maturity level are: — The CMMI is too big and takes too long to implement — Company person don’t have enough time for documenting and improving their processes — It is way too expensive I have worked with […]

Nov 28

Proposals For an RFP With a CMMI Requirement

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Did you know that the common win rate for proposals responding to RFPs is less than 5 percent? Did you know that some agencies evaluate vendor proposals relative to each other rather than against some exact set of criteria? Did you know that confidence in the proposed approach is frequently part of the proposal evaluation? […]

Oct 19


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Three Words to Supercharge Your RFP’s CMMI Requirement: “CMMI Project Monitoring” In my last blog I wrote about the history of the CMM/CMMI and how a maturity level became a requirement in an RFP.  I also wrote how some vendors to US Federal Agencies are gaming the maturity level requirement and are not following the […]