Make the Jump Directly to CMMI Level 3

CMMI Level 3CMMI-Live makes preparing for CMMI® appraisals easier, faster, lower cost and focused on maximizing your ROI. For example, CMMI-Live makes it possible to skip Level 2 and advance directly to CMMI Level 3 with about the same effort.

CMMI-Live works because it is an online process management framework that provides the structure you need to more efficiently deploy CMMI® and prepare for appraisals. At the heart of CMMI-Live is a Collaborative Process Asset Library (c-PAL) that engages frontline employees to create your process improvement culture.

Easier Deployment:

CMMI-Live shortens your CMMI implementation timeline. It does this by providing you with a ready-to-use process-management framework. Simply customize CMMI-Live and you are ready to document roles, share knowledge, organize artifacts and engage your employees in a living CMMI® continuous improvement cycle.

Faster Appraisals:

Use CMMI-Live’s guides your employees through a step-by-step CMMI® work-flow.  As your employees perform each step/role they are prompted to gather the required supporting artifact(s) that can be attached for internal or outside appraisal. It is like having a living PID that is created as work is completed so your company is always appraisal ready.

Lower Cost:

CMMI-Live saves you money:

pointsShorter deployment timelineCMMI-Live provides you with the process management infrastructure you need, ready-made and ready-to-use.

pointsReduced employee effort creating CMMI® process definitions, procedures, artifact templates, etc

pointsEnables online, asynchronous coaching and support from your SEI Certified Lead Appraiser or consultant who can assess artifacts as they are created. This “Action Learning” (learn-by-doing) approach helps employees learn CMMI® requirements and helps ensure artifacts are complete and correct.

pointsDramatically reduced effort preparing for Class A Appraisalsfor example, CMMI-Live can help save your organization hundreds of hours of effort organizing project artifacts.

Actually use CMMI® to adopt lean, agile, efficient and low cost operating processes.

Rapid ROI:

CMMI-Live help you achieve higher level CMMI® benefits earlier in your deployment. For example innovation and continuous improvement — both of which are high ROI benefits associated with CMMI® levels 4 and 5 — are pursued as a simple byproduct of using CMMI-Live.




How We Fix It

Integrated Process Asset Library (c-PAL)
CMMI® is a non-prescriptive approach that requires you to create quality related processes, procedures and systems. As a result, it can take years to advance through the CMMI® maturity levels.
CMMI-Live dramatically shortens your CMMI® timeline by providing you with a ready-made quality framework.
Appraisal Artifact Management
Your organization spends hundreds of hours preparing for CMMI® appraisals.
CMMI-Live automatically organizes CMMI® required source documents for easy access and review. This saves you the time, effort and stress of searching for artifacts prior to an appraisal.
Knowledge Sharing
Employees are constantly “spinning their wheels” re-creating documents and methodology that have already been developed by other employees.
CMMI-Live includes tools like a knowledge-base, employee-blog and communication system that provide your employees with a systematic way to document and improve best-practices.
Asynchronous Collaboration
Studies report that every interruption costs about 20-minutes of lost productivity.
CMMI-Live is designed to minimize the need for emails, meetings and interruptions. It features multiple asynchronous collaboration tools to manage CMMI® projects, resolve issues, improve processes, communicate and share information.
Built-in Templates & Procedures
It is costly and time-consuming to create required documents and procedures for all 300+ CMMI® Roles.
CMMI-Live ends the guesswork of creating infrastructure process work-flow from scratch. The result is an easier, faster and less stressful CMMI® implementation.
Step-by-step Compliance Guides
Employees have a difficult time remembering all the steps and requirements of managing a CMMI® project.
CMMI-Live ncludes simple step-by-step compliance guides that explain the importance of every step in your CMMI® project. The guides support an “active-learning” (learning by doing) approach that speed the development of your organization’s CMMI® quality culture.
Continuous Process Improvement
You don’t want to wait until Level 5 to benefit from continual process improvement.
CMMI-Live automatically creates an employee powered continual improvement feedback loop for every CMMI® process. This means you benefit from process improvement from the start.
Optimum Consultant Utilization
You would like to use your consulting budget more effectively by having fewer site-visits and more online feedback.
CMMI-Live’s online process framework makes it easy for your consultant(s) to provide your employees with frequent, remote, real-time feedback on their current CMMI® project tasks. These online process-checks allow employees to learn CMMI® as they go. It also helps ensure every CMMI® project is always “appraisal ready.”