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Jul 10

CMMI Project Monitoring Makes Your RFP Responses IRRESISTIBLE!

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Jul 10

CMMI-Live Helps Your Company Win Lucrative New Contracts With a Valuable, New Competitive Advantage!

Your company likely pursued a CMMI certification to satisfy a customer requirement or to qualify for otherwise out-of-reach RFPs. However, simply having a CMMI certification does not differentiate your organization from your similarly CMMI certified competitors. You need a way to stand out from the crowd. Here is a simple way that CMMI-Live helps your company fully leverage its CMMI certification: CMMI Project Monitoring.

First, let’s dive into the mind of your prospective customer

Organizations who require a CMMI certification want assurance that your company can perform according to industry best practices. They want to be certain your company will deliver a high-quality product on-time, on-budget and meeting their strict expectations. However, merely having a certification does not ensure CMMI will be applied to their contract. It only means that CMMI was applied to an Appraised project of a competitor sometime during the last three years. Adding CMMI-Live project monitoring to your proposals offers your prospects the added assurance that CMMI standards of excellence are being applied to their specific project. Your proposals will POP to the top of the list because you will be promoting a unique guarantee that your competitors do not offer.

CMMI-Live makes it easy

CMMI-Live is a cloud-based portal that allows a CMMI Institute Certified Lead Appraiser to easily review your company’s processes to ensure they meet the intent of the CMMI practices and that they are being successfully applied to your customer’s projects. The Lead Appraiser is notified by CMMI-Live every time a new artifact is created. The Appraiser can then review and approve the artifact to ensure the project is following your company’s processes. If the Appraiser finds issues or deviations, feedback and support is offered to your company’s employees through CMMI-Live’s collaborative interface. This ensures quick resolution while the client’s project can still benefit. A monthly report can be submitted to your customer indicating that your company is performing according to CMMI standards of excellence.  What customer would not want this assurance?  They will have independent verification that your company is successfully using CMMI process improvement model for their projects.

Always be Appraisal Ready

CMMI-Live’s project monitoring approach offers your company two additional benefits. The first, is that your company will benefit from using CMMI continuous improvement! The second is that your company will always be Appraisal ready. Your company will be able to avoid the time, stress, and expense of preparing for re-certification. You will have multiple PIIDs organized and ready for review. This will be important because the CMMI Institute is soon requiring Appraisals every 2 years and is considering other provisions to ensure CMMI discipline is being maintained between Appraisals.

Please contact Kevin Cotherman or Michael Kramer to learn more about CMMI-Live’s “Project Monitoring”

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