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Nov 22

CMMI® Tool That Can Reduce Implementation Time and Cost

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Nov 22

By Kevin Cotherman

There is a new CMMI® implementation tool, ManageHub, which is an integrated process asset library that contains a CMMI compliant infrastructure.  ManageHub addresses the top reasons why implementing the CMMI is so difficult.

1. All companies I have worked with, with six exceptions, have implemented the CMMI® because of a customer requirement or a proposal required a maturity level.  The most successful organizations are the ones who want to improve the productivity, efficiency, and quality.  ManageHub is a CMMI implementation and process asset library tool that enables organizations to focus on the right reasons; and the maturity level will follow.  By the way, the six companies who implemented CMMI without client pressure have all given up on process improvement because it was too hard and expensive.  ManageHub would have made process improvement easy, inexpensive, and part of their everyday work.

2. Due to client pressure or proposal due date, many organizations want to achieve a CMMI maturity level as quick as possible.  ManageHub allows organizations to quickly establish their processes, assign processes to project personnel, and focus on improving the processes.  This approach will result in quicker implementation, more effective process improvement, and shorter time to appraisals.

3. ManageHub has several reports that give senior management insight into project activities.  There is a propensity for a senior manager to follow the process if all project activities are monitored with a schedule and budget, and not following the process will be reviewed by all project members.  By default senior management will support and follow the processes.

4. The communication log within ManageHub is a unique feature that will keep all company personnel in the loop at all times.  The news and feedback within the communication log keeps personnel aware of the latest news and issues of the CMMI implementation.

5. By using ManageHub, company personnel have direct input on the processes they will be using.  Personnel have the ability to submit improvement suggestions and process issues.  These suggestions and issues are assigned to another individual and require a response – nothing gets lost.  Plus you will have greater buy-in when people are creating their own processes.

6. The CMMI implementation can have such a positive impact on the company’s overall business operations that the person responsible may attain accolades and notoriety within the company.  It often produces an exciting new career opportunity for the person leading it.

The person in charge of the CMMI implementation will be able to have continuous progress reviews within ManageHub.  These reviews can be done anywhere online enabling instant feedback on implementation status.  No need to pulling project personnel off their jobs.  This makes leading the CMMI implementation more attractive and easier to manage.

7. The Groups feature within ManageHub allows for easy group set up and meetings.  The two process improvement groups normally involve people who are very busy, so conducting meetings, communications, and issues will always happen because it is so easy to do.  This also will demonstrate senior management commitment.

8. With ManageHub, you map your processes to each role, and since there is a role for each practice of the CMMI through level 3, you will know where your process gaps are.

9. A tool will save time and money if it contains easily customizable processes and templates and if it addresses all practices within CMMI at least up to maturity level 3.  One such tool, ManageHub, has a CMMI compliant infrastructure which contains processes and templates for you to customize or update to the way your company does business. ManageHub provides processes for each practice within the CMMI model to maturity level 3.

10. Normally a lead appraiser conducts reviews and consulting by traveling to the company location or has the company send a DVD of documents.  This is expensive and time consuming; plus the appraiser is reviewing project artifacts after the project has completed them.  With ManageHub, the lead appraiser can access the company ManageHub site and review documents and artifacts as they are created.  This allows for continuous reviews, coaching, and training.  This by itself will increase the likelihood of successful quicker CMMI implementation.  Plus this saves time and money.

As you can see ManageHub is a tool that can save an organization time, money and effort when implementing the CMMI model. Maybe most important is the fact that an organization that utilizes ManageHub makes process improvement a way of life and the benefits of running and organization this way are many.

CMMI® is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University


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