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Every month CMMI Live hosts a “Ask a Lead Appraiser” webinar. Kevin Cotherman and Debbie O’Grady are both CMMI Institute Certified Lead Appraisers. Both have worked with organizations — large and small — to help them create and deploy processes and then prepare for a SCAMPI appraisal.


If you have ever wanted to ask a lead appraiser anything (there are no silly questions) about CMMI or the appraisal process, this is your chance. You don’t have to say your name or the name of your company (we won’t reveal it either). You can remain anonymous and feel free to ask anything you’d like related to CMMI or SCAMPI.


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Please complete the contact form to submit your CMMI questions to Kevin, Debbie or to ask a general question about CMMI Live. Our email addresses are provided if you prefer to email us directly.


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