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Level 3 Compliant Process Asset Library

Your CMMI-Live platform comes equipped with a Level-3 compliant Process Asset Library. Manage each CMMI practice in its own collaboration workspace. Use the workspace to store related policies, procedures, and training methods. Also, use the workspace to discuss ideas for improving the practice.

Automatically Create Your PIID

CMMI-Live automatically creates your PIID as your employees create, review, and approve artifacts. This helps you avoid the traditional mad-dash to prepare for your appraisals because you are always appraisal ready. It also makes it easy to maintain CMMI discipline in the years between appraisals.

Avoid Class B and Class C Appraisals

CMMI-live helps you replace the time and expense of after-the-fact Class B and Class C appraisals with ongoing, online review of your CMMI processes and artifacts as they are created. This remote, asynchronous collaboration speeds your CMMI implementation by helping your employee learn-by-doing.

Achieve Continuous Improvement Out-of-the-Box

CMMI-Live creates a self-sustaining, continuous improvement cycle. It does this by leveraging the power of social networking to encourage every user to report their ideas, problems, and suggestions directly to the individuals or teams who can take action.

Automated Alerts Keep You Updated.

CMMI-Live features an innovative information filtering system that updates users on what is new, what is due, and what has changed related to their projects, processes, departments, and discussions. This automated filtering makes it easy for users to cut through the noise and monitor the activity that is important to them.

Skip Level 2 (Advance directly to Level 3)

CMMI-LIve helps you avoid the time, effort, and cost of preparing for CMMI Level 2. Instead, with virtually the same effort you can advance directly to Level 3. It does this because CMMI-Live comes pre-populated with a Level 3 compliant Process Asset Library. It also includes dozens of customizable templates and documents.

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