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Feb 24

Question: How quickly can we schedule our Class A appraisal after we complete our Class B?

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Feb 24

This question was submitted by an attendee of our “Ask the Lead Appraisers” webinar.  We received great questions from the group, so we decided to post the questions and our answers so everyone can benefit. The SEI-certified Lead Appraisers hosting the webinars and answering questions are Kevin Cotherman and Debbie O’Grady.


There is no set time-frame between a Class B and a Class A appraisal.  The only limiting factor is that the SEI requires an appraisal to be registered in the SEI Appraisal System (SAS) at least 30 days before the start of the appraisal.

The real issue determining the period of time between the Class B and the Class A are the gaps identified and readiness of the organization during the Class B.  If there are gaps between the organization and the CMMI model that have an appraisal impact, then those gaps have to be addressed prior to beginning the Class A.  The time required to close these gaps depends on the organization resources available to address and close the issues, and the life-cycle of the projects examined.

The Class A appraisal is a time-consuming, resource-demanding, and expensive endeavor.  The lead appraiser wants to give the organization being appraised the best possible chance of satisfying all the applicable goals of the CMMI model and achieving the desired maturity level.  The results of the Class B give a very good indication of the readiness of the organization to achieve their objectives.

So it is prudent to first address the Class B gaps before scheduling your Class A.  You should work with your lead appraiser to determine the length of time.

If you want to ask your own questions, you can ask in our contact us section. Kevin Cotherman and Debbie O’Grady will get them answered on the next ”Ask The Lead Appraisers” webinar – or if you wish to remain anonymous, just send us an email.


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