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kevin cotherman
Kevin Cotherman
CMMI SCAMPI Lead Appraiser

CMMI Consultant specializing in ML2 & ML3 process areas and SCAMPI appraisal
Phone: 410-529-6573
kmcpic @ comcast.net

Kevin Cotherman is a CMMI Institute-Certified Lead Appraiser and has conducted CMMI® SCAMPI (Standard CMMI® Appraisal Method for Process Improvement) Class A, B, and C Appraisals.  He has Led 43 CMMI® SCAMPI Class A Appraisals in all types of industries, and all sizes of companies worldwide; appraisal team member for 11 SCAMPI Class A Appraisals. Kevin has 30 years of experience in software and business process improvement, software systems analysis, requirements gathering, project management, and leadership with commercial companies, federal agencies, and the military. He specializes in process improvement implementation and support, which includes defining and documenting processes, setting up and working with Organization Process Groups and Process Action Teams. Kevin was nominated for the 2012 International Cooperation of China Friendship Award.



debbie O'Grady
Debbie O’Grady
CMMI SCAMPI Lead Appraiser

CMMI Consultant specializing in ML2 & ML3 process areas and SCAMPI appraisals
DLO Consultants, LLC

Science Application International Corporation (SAIC), Raytheon, CIBER, and CTIS are among the corporations that have sought out and utilized the capable, competent, and skilled expertise of CMMI Institute-Certified Lead Appraiser, Debbie O’Grady.

The author of ABCs of Process Improvement: Position Yourself For Success, Debbie is fondly called “Teacher” and “Mentor” by many of her loyal clients. More than a consultant or lead appraiser for her clients, Debbie is expert at teaching them how to interpret and understand the CMMI model and apply it to their unique environment.

Debbie guides with a conscious commitment to add value at every turn. Her direct and perceptive approach to communicating the facts and telling clients the truth, even when they don’t want to hear it, is among her hallmark gifts. Whether clients engage Debbie as their process consultant or utilize her expert lead appraiser and mentor skills, one thing is certain; when they apply what they’ve learned from her, they will be successful.

She travels throughout the United States and around the world supporting her clients’ process improvement efforts. Their success stories are proof positive of Debbie’s effective approach for those who are ready for process improvement.

Debbie earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a master’s in systems management and is an CMMI Institute-Certified Lead Appraiser. She teaches CMMI Overview, specialized process area interpretation and SCAMPI appraisal lessons worldwide through workshops and teleseminars.




Michael Kramer, CPA

mike (at) cmmilive (dot) com

Michael Kramer is President of ManageHub, a Web 2.0 social-collaboration, process-improvement platform that creates a private online community for a company. It is one place where leaders and employees can meet to share information, develop strategies, improve processes, implement projects and assess progress. ManageHub helps organizations dramatically improve productivity, efficiency, team-communication, product/service quality, and customer satisfaction.

Michael negotiated the sale of his first business, an FDA licensed pharmaceutical repackaging company, with world famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist, John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. (John’s investments include Intuit, Symantec, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Amazon.com, Martha Stewart Living, and Google.)

Michael created courses in “Best Management Practices” for the University of Chicago, lectured at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and DePaul University. He co-developed a curriculum for the Coleman Center of Entrepreneurship and created a “Six Steps to SuperGrowth” class for Loyola University. Kramer founded the SBDC Think Tank, Business Coaching 2.0 and was awarded the “Most Innovative Program of the Year” by Chicago’s Duman Center of Entrepreneurship.

Michael Kramer is author of the Small Business Breakthrough Book and Toolset.


[Please contact Mike Kramer if you are an SEI Certified Lead Appraiser and you would like to join our CMMI-Live team.]